President Lori Shemtob Testifies - HB 1250

Montgomery County attorney, Lori K. Shemtob, current President of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), recently testified on May 23, 2017 before the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee expressing serious concerns regarding Proposed House Bill 1250.

This Proposed Bill would negate the Pennsylvania statewide guidelines from being used to determine alimony pendente lite and spousal support. Ms. Shemtob presented her testimony for approximately ten (10) minutes and then answered questions from the state legislators.

According to Ms. Shemtob, the proposed bill would have serious consequences for the majority of the residents in the state of Pennsylvania necessitating lengthy and costly trials when there are already deviations built into the law, which can be argued by attorneys to protect any unfair results by the use of the guidelines.